PBC-55: Pair of Nordson Oscillator Reciprocators Gun Movers *Customized*

Pair of Nordson Automatic Powder Gun Reciprocators/Gun Movers


2 РNordson(Nutro Brand) Reciprocators

2 – Reciprocator Stands

2 – Mounting Assemblies for Automatic Guns

Lot of mounting hardware (Depending on amount of gun setups needed)

**Inquire about gun stands with In/Out Positioning

*We can customize this system to fit your needs. Inquire about different number of gun-setups needed, reciprocators/gun movers, manual guns, etc.

*System comes complete, tested and ready to use
**We will work with you if pick up is not an option. We will palatalize and have ready for pick up at no charge. Feel free to contact us with any information you need to set up pick up with your preferred carrier**

Price- $11,500.00