AIS Nano Filtration System


AIS is now providing it’s customers with a Zirconium Filter used in conjunction with the Zirconium Pretreatment System, for powder, liquid, and e-coat operations. The Zirconium filter was designed to assist major pretreatment chemical suppliers. 

The AIS Zirconium Filter is easy to hook up. It ships skid mounted and can be conveniently installed using your existing maintenance staff in one day!

Cost Effectiveness

AIS designed a very affordable skid mounted filtration system that will increase the bath life as much as 25 percent, and more importantly, the filter will be able to maintain the bath integrity to the highest standard. The zirconium filter not only saves our customers on chemical cost, but more importantly it maintains the integrity of the e-coat bath. The zirconium does not need to be heated and you don’t have disposal costs typically associated with phosphates. Test results using zirconium are impressive and comparable to the best phosphate. 


Zirconium, the environmentally friendly non-phosphate coating is becoming more of an industry standard for coating operations. The AIS Filtration was designed to achieve the most efficient pretreatment process possible. This filter works to remove contaminants from the zirconium bath with a recycling process that makes use of a time-controlled automatic backflush operation. Because of the backflush operation, we are able to continue use of this filter for years on end without any extreme maintenance as opposed to a costly bag filter that requires changing multiple times a week. This results in huge savings in chemicals and also creates a simple use, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly solution to an otherwise destructive and messy process.