Powder Coating Systems (used)

The powder and liquid coating process is standard throughout the industry with both types of coating (liquid & powder) utilizing similar process methods. Each system is custom-designed based on product and ware package size, product weight, line speed, pretreatment and cure requirements, building space and ensuring that correct dwell times are provided throughout each step. AIS will design your system for ease of use, energy conservation, and to maximize your floor space.

The coating process begins with parts hung on an overhead monorail, power and free or floor-mounted conveyor system. A multi-stage pretreatment washer will clean and treat parts making them suitable for coating and ensuring your salt spray requirements are met. A dry-off oven or high-velocity blow-off system will follow to remove any residue from the pretreatment process. Powder or liquid booths are provided and designed for ideal application methods and color quantities. Climate-controlled environmental rooms may be provided to house the paint application process. Convection or infrared curing ovens will cure painted parts based on the paint supplier’s requirements of time and temperature. After a cool down period, parts will be removed from the paint line and moved to assembly or shipping.