Environmental Rooms


AIS Finishing Systems provides high-quality Environmental Rooms (EV). Our Environmental Rooms are designed to meet your company’s needs for temperature control, humidity levels and other factors.  AIS’s Environmental Rooms offer unique features that maximize storage space and will ensure performance to desired specifications. Available in many options and can be custom designed to your liking. 

Insulated Oven Panels

AIS Finishing Systems provides high-quality Environmental room panels. Oven panels are made of 20ga aluminized steel with thermafiber mineral wool felt insulation in thicknesses ranging from 2″-8″ and lengths up to 20′ long. We offer quick quotes, shipping and stock our standard size panels for fast delivery. AIS will design each panel for your EV room and provide a detailed schematic for installation. AutoCAD approval, build and installation prints are available for the best customer experience.

Panel Features:

  • Construction– Roll-formed Tongue & Groove Panel Designs. Panels are rigidly formed and hand fabricated by American craftsmen. Side channels are designed to reduce heat transfer for an energy efficient chamber. Panels are firmly fastened to the side and end channels. Panels are completely stuff with top-quality insulation to form a rigid, efficient panel.
  • Coverage- Standard full width panel of 30″ coverages. Custom sizes are provided as required. AIS has found from removing and inspecting oven panels over 40 years that wider panels tend to sag at the top, compromising the integrity of the panel. Narrower panels yield more heat loss and are less cosmetically appealing.
  • Insulation- We utilize high-quality 4 lb. density industrial felt – not industrial board. Industrial felt is rated at 2,000 degrees, is mold and moisture resistant, and environmentally friendly as a 70% recycled product. Upon request, heavier density, panels up to 12 lbs. per cubic foot are available.
  • Metal Substrates- Panels may be provided in Aluminized, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, or pre-coated colored steel per customer requirements. If a pre-coated steel color is not available, AIS can pre-paint the panels to the customers requirements. Metal thickness options are available between 16-24 GA and grades.

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