Refurbished Systems

A cost saving, refurbished paint system from AIS is never an “as-is” system where you do not know what you will get. Our systems are re-engineered and refurbished for each customer’s needs as though we were building a system from scratch. Commonly, we will integrate many new components on a system and refurbish selected used equipment to the point that only AIS and the customer will know it is not an all new system. Our refurbished systems save our customers a large dollar percentage vs an all new system while providing the same results.

With the largest Owned inventory of industrial finishing systems and related components in the world, you will not have to deal with brokers or unreliable middle-men. We warranty our refurbished equipment in order to provide a commitment to our customers that no-one else will. We can provide you a turn-key installation, or work with you on a kit-formed system should you elect to install the line yourself.

While looking over our site please keep in mind;

(1) It is rare that a system is re-installed in the same manner it was originally installed. We will re-design and upgrade the finishing system to meet your needs.

(2) We can add to or remove equipment options from any system listed so you only pay for what you need and also get the system you require.

(3) Our inventory is constantly changing and we always have more equipment available than what is listed on our site.