C111: Used Automatic Systems (ASI) Heavy-Duty X348, X458, X678 Conveyor Drives

C111: Used Automatic Systems (ASI) Heavy-Duty X348, X458, X678 Conveyor Drives

AIS has removed 30 ea Automatic Systems Inc (ASI) caterpillar conveyor drives from a General Motors plant that are in excellent condition. The drives were originally used for a floor mounted and inverted X678 inverted conveyor chain system. The plant has been closed since 2012 and it is unknown if this line ever ran production. The drives may easily be converted to be used on an overhead monorail conveyor system for X348, X458, or X678 conveyor systems. These drives will work with Webb / Unibeam, Rapid Industries, SSI, or any other I-Beam conveyor.

The system was designed so each drive system had a back-up drive as a spare, so many of these may have never been used. We are offering the drives sold independently and have up to 90 pallets of X678 inverted chain and 70+ turns for sale.


Manufacturer:             Automatic Systems Inc. of Kansas City, MO

Date Removed:           June 2021

Gear Drive Info:

Mfr:                 Falk Corporation

Model:             5DTC3A 002

Ratio:              79.59

Date:               09/01

Motor:             Sizes vary between 7.5 and 15 HP.

Chain Pull:      Drives were set for 4,000 lb chain pull with added capacity

Each drive has a Reuland magnetic break that may or may not be used.

Price:   $5,500, as-is or $7,500 modified to include the I-Beam, Cat chain and motor size per your preference.

We can provide additional components to meet your needs. Contact Sales @ 920-361-5208 x 2 for more information.