E-103: 12-Stage Therma-Tron-X (TTX) SST Cathodic E-Coat System

ETTX-111 – 12-Stage Therma-Tron-X (TTX) SST Cathodic E-Coat System

  • Design Data
    • Manufacturer:  Therma-Tron-X (TTX)
    • Ware Package Size: 9’- 0” wide x 6’- 0” high x 4’- 0” long
    • Max Load Weight: 1,650 lbs, 33,000 lbs per hour
    • Cycle Time: 3.0 Minutes
      • Immersion Time: 2.0 Minutes, Transfer Time: 1.0 Minute
    • Load bars per hour:                 20 each
    • Square Foot per Rack:            240 sq. ft.
    • Film Thickness:                       .6 – 1.2 mil

The TTX SST System will be provided as Refurbished / New system and provided with a design to best suit customer needs and the building restrictions. Addition tanks may be added to the system for more pretreatment stages or additional post rinse stages. The oven may be placed on top of the immersion system or on the side. Waste-water treatment systems and additional options are available.

  • 9-Stage Stainless Steel Pretreatment System – Shown with Acid and Zinc Design (The pretreatment may be provided in different configurations or with added stages)
    • (S1) Spray Clean, Heated with Bag Filtration
    • (S2) Immersion Clean, Heated with Bag Filtration
    • (S3) Immersion Rinse
    • (S4) Immersion Acid Clean, Heated, Hold-Up Option
    • (S5) Immersion Rinse, Hold-Up Option
    • (S6) Immersion Conditioning Rinse
    • (S7) Zinc Phosphate, Heated with Oberlin Filter Press
    • (S8) Immersion RO Rinse
    • (S9) Immersion RO Rinse
  • Cathodic E-Coat, & 2-Stage Post Rinse, all Immersion
    • Gusher Pumps & Mixers provided for Tank Circulation
    • Rite Boiler with SS Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers for Heated Stages, CIP Cart
    • Acid Iron Removal System
    • 15 GPM Reverse Osmosis Water System
    • 400 Volt, 600 Amp Controlled Power Rectifier
    • Anode Flush System with all New Anodes
    • Ultrafiltration System with CIP
    • E-Coat Tank will have a New Liner
    • E-Coat Storage Tank
    • All New Plumbing, Wiring and Controls
    • Service Decks on Both Sides of Tanks
  • Convection Bake Oven – 36 Minutes @ <400℉ Design.
  • Forced Air Cooling Tunnel – 15 Minutes
    • Oven and Cooling Tunnel will be provided with all New Panels, Structure, Ductwork, with refurbished Burner Box and Fans.
    • Oven will be provided with a design to best suit the customers building.
  • Transfer System
    • TTX SST Transfer System Over Immersion System
    • X458, 4” I-Beam Conveyor Hand Off System for Load/Unload
    • Refurbished /New Hydraulic System
  • Floor-space required: Varies by design (Oven on Top or On Side)

Installation services are available and may be quoted per customer request. AIS will consider partial sale of the individual systems that make up this system.

Contact Nick @ 920-361-5208 x 2 or nick@amerianindustrialsystems.com for more info or questions