E-105: E-LIL2: Indexing Cathodic E-Coat System

E-LIL2: Indexing Cathodic E-Coat System

Manufacturer:                                       AIS, LLC – Refurbished / New System

Type of System:                                  Linear Indexing Line (L.I.L.) E-coat System

Ware Package Size:                             4’-6” wide x 5’- 0” high x 8’- 0” long

Max Load Weight:                                <1,500 lbs, 30,000 lbs per hour

Cycle Time:                                          3.0 Minutes

Immersion Time: 2.0 Minutes, Transfer Time: 1.0 Minute

Load bars per hour:                               20 each Wide Load

Paint:                                                   Cathodic Epoxy E-Coat

Sq./Ft. per Rack:                                 <240 sq./ft (may be up to 320 sq./ft.)

Film Thickness:                                   .5-1.2 Mil.

The e-coat system will be provided as a New / Refurbished System with Many new components, all new plumbing, wiring, programming, and schematics. The system will be installed at your facility and provided with training and a 1-year system warranty. The configuration may change as needed to be suit the customers facility and requirements.

9-Stage Stainless Steel Pretreatment System (May be provided in different configurations)

  • (S1) Immersion Alkaline Clean, Heated
  • (S2) Immersion Rinse
  • (S3) Immersion Acid Clean, Heated
  • (S4) Immersion Rinse
  • (S5) Immersion Conditioning Rinse
  • (S6) Immersion Zinc Phosphate, Heated with Oberlin Filter Press
  • (S7) Immersion Rinse
  • (S8) Immersion Non-Chrome Sealer
  • (S9) Immersion RO Rinse
  • Independent Lowerators over each Stage for full control

3-Stage Stainless Steel Pretreatment System  – ALL NEW CONSTRUCTION

  • (S10) Immersion Cathodic E-Coat
  • (S11) Immersion Post Rinse 1
  • (S12) Immersion Post Rinse 2
  • An additional Post Rinse may be provided upon request


  • 3,600 Gallon Tanks
  • Gusher Pumps & Mixers provided for Tank Circulation
  • NG Boiler with SS Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers for Heated Stages, CIP Cart
  • 25-ton Air Cooled Liquid Chiller
  • 20 GPM Reverse Osmosis Water System with Holding Tank
  • 400 Volt, 300 Amp Controlled Power Rectifier
  • Anode Flush System with all New Anodes
  • Ultrafiltration System with CIP
  • E-Coat Storage Tank with Transfer Pump
  • Service Deck on Both Sides of Tanks with Plastic Housing Covers

Convection E-Coat Bake Oven & Cooling Tunnel

  • 13-Position, 39-Minutes @ <400℉ Design.
  • Natural Gas, Direct-Fired and Recirculating Design
  • Forced-Air Cooling Tunnel: 9-Position, 18-Minutes
  • Floor-Mounted for Ease of Maintenance

AIS Transfer System

  • The AIS designed L.I.L. system utilizes a heavy-duty, reliable, and quiet running custom system with many benefits over traditional hydraulic systems. Our gear drive system is built with independent lowerators and Uni / 3” power and free conveyor
  • AIS Transfer System Over Immersion System
  • Uni/3” Power and Free Conveyor Hand Off System for Load/Unload
  • Includes all Load Bars / Carriers, Lubrication System and Related Items

AIS PLC Control System

The system controls and plc program will be provided new / refurbished.

Top-Coat Capability

The system may be provided with either inline powder top-coat or liquid top-coat capability. Please inquire for more information.


PRICE:  $1,650,000 as shown, installed in the continental US.

Floor-space required: Varies by design: Design as shown is about 250’ long x 50’ wide x 21’ high

Additional options and configurations may be provided upon request.

Contact Nick @ 920-361-5208 x 2 or nick@amerianindustrialsystems.com for more info or questions