E-LIL1: Indexing Cathodic E-Coat System

AIS, LLC is moving to our new 200,000 sq. ft facility and is offering our demo “LIL” Indexing E-coat system for sale. The system was commissioned new in 2017 and ran limited production runs for our customers for them to see the capability of our unique, cost effective, and money earning system. The system can be installed and operational in as little as a month and we offer installation, start-up and full training.



Type of System:                        Linear Indexing Line (L.I.L.) E-coat System

Ware Package /Part Size:        2’-6” wide x 4’-9” high x 4’-9” long

Maximum Weight Load:         20,000 lbs. per hour, plus parts, load bar, & hangers

Carrier Weight Load:               1,000 lbs. per load, plus load bar, & hangers

Production Rate:                       20-30 Load Bars per hour

Cycle Time:                                 3 Minutes per Load Bar

2 Minute immersion, 1-minute drain & transfer time

Paint:                                            Cathodic Epoxy E-Coat

Sq./Ft. per Minute:                    120 sq ft

Film Thickness:                          .5-1.2 Mil.


Pretreatment:                           Currently Set as a 7-Stage Immersion pretreatment system for Advanced Pretreatment which eliminates the need for wastewater treatment and sludge removal. The current chemistry and BASF paint yielded salt spray results passing tests with no faults at 760 hours (did not test further).

Current Stage Design: Stage 1 Cleaner @ 150℉, Stage 2 Cleaner @ 150℉, Stage 3 RO Rinse @ Ambient, Stage 4 RO Rinse @ Ambient, Stage 5 Zirconium @ Ambient, Stage 6 RO Rinse @ Ambient, Stage 7 RO Rinse @ Ambient.

AIS may provide a quote for additional stages to run Zinc or Iron Phosphate to meet all customer’s requirements.


E-Coat & Post Rinses:            Currently Set as a 3-stage system design (E-coat and 2 ea Immersion Post Rinse Stages). A third post rinse stage may be optioned, but our testing has shown not needed.

Bake Oven & Cool Tunnel:    13 Position, 39-Minutes @ >350℉ Temp.  Floor-mounted construction eliminating many issues with elevated ovens. Dual burner boxes for exceptional heat control. 6” Oven Panels, Maxon Burners and Honeywell controls. 5-Position, 15-Minute Forced Air Cooling Tunnel.

Conveyor System:                   The AIS designed L.I.L. system utilizes a heavy-duty, reliable, and quiet running custom system with many benefits over traditional hydraulic systems. Our gear drive system is built with independent lowerators and Uni / 3” power and free conveyor

Auxiliary Components and System Features:

Our demo line is provided complete with, but not limited to the additional following equipment:

  • Dual-sided catwalks with an enclosed housing featuring sliding tempered glass windows.
  • Stainless Steel Bag Filtration on stages with Pumps.
  • Efficient and Energy Saving air agitation system on pretreatment rinse stages.
  • Custom AIS designed automatic backflushing Sandfilter on Zirconium stage.
  • Maxon immersion tube burner systems without maintenance issues of boiler heat.
  • Complete chemical metering and pump equipment for pretreatment.
  • 5 Ton Chiller with Buffer Tank and Heat Exchanger
  • Celtech Ultrafilter System
  • Controlled Power Rectifier, 400-volt, 250-amp with Grounding System
  • Anolyte Flush System and Celtech Anodes
  • E-coat Storage Tank with Transfer Pumps
  • 10 GPM Reverse Osmosis System

This system may be provided installed in your facility in continental USA for $1.1 million with additional rates for other areas. Please reach out for additional information.

Call Nick @ 920-361-5208 x 2 for questions or email to nick@americanindustrialsystems.com

Or Jim @ 920-361-5208 x 7 for questions