ETTX-107: 11-Stage Therma-Tron-X (TTX) SST Cathodic E-Coat System

ETTX-107: 11-Stage Therma-Tron-X (TTX) SST Cathodic E-Coat System


Manufacturer:                                       Therma-Tron-X (TTX)

Paint Type:                                           Cathodic Epoxy

Ware Package Size:                              2’-6” wide x 3’- 4” high x 5’- 0” long

Max Load Weight:                                500 lbs, 10,000 lbs per hour

Cycle Time:                                          3.0 Minutes, Immersion Time: 2-Min., Transfer Time: 1-Min.

Load bars per hour:                               20 each


E-Coat Production                    Per         Minute             Hour                 Day                     Year

Sq/Ft @ 8 Hours / 250 Days:                  <26.5 sq/ft      <1,600 sq/ft     <12,800 sq/ft    <3,200,000 sq/ft

Square Foot per Rack:                          <80 sq/ft (A larger rectifier may be provided for more Sq/Ft.)

Film Thickness:                                    .6 – 1.0 mil

Footprint Required:                              18’-6” tall x 93’-0” Long X 24’-0” Wide

Item Listed On:                                    11/02/2020


Description – This TTX SST has been in operation since 1988 and will be removed from active service in November 2020.  The system has had many upgrades throughout the years and is in good operational condition. This may be offered for sale in as-is condition loaded on trucks, or fully refurbished and re-engineered to your requirements. The system may be re-installed with a different pretreatment process with more tanks added as required.

7-Stage Stainless Steel Pretreatment System

  • (S1) Immersion Clean, <160℉
  • (S2) Immersion Clean, <160℉
  • (S3) Immersion Rinse, <160℉
  • (S4) Immersion Iron Phosphate, <140℉
  • (S5) Immersion Rinse
  • (S6) Immersion RO Rinse
  • (S7) Immersion RO Rinse
  • Up to 4 more pretreatment staged may be added


4-Stage Stainless Steel E-Coat System

  • (S8) Cathodic E-Coat
  • (S9) Spray Post Rinse 1
  • (S10) Immersion Post Rinse 2
  • (S11) Immersion Post Rinse 3


E-Coat Components

  • Pumps & Air Agitation provided for Tank Circulation
  • Maxon Burners for Heated Stages
  • Air Cooled Liquid-Chiller System for E-coating
  • Culligan Reverse Osmosis Water System
  • 400 Volt, 100 Amp Controlled Power Rectifier
  • Anode Flush System with Anodes
  • Ultrafiltration System with CIP
  • E-Coat Storage Tank with Transfer Pump


Convection E-Coat Bake Oven & Cooling Tunnel

  • 12-Position, 36 Minute Bake Oven @ <400℉ Design.
  • Natural Gas, Direct-Fired and Recirculating Design
  • 6-Position, 18-Minute Forced-Air Cooling Tunnel
  • Elevated Above Pretreatment & E-Coat Tanks

SST Transfer System

  • TTX SST Transfer System Over Immersion System
  • Unibilt Conveyor Hand Off System for Load/Unload
  • Includes all Load Bars / Carriers, Lubrication System and Related Items


SST Control System with all prints, programs provided as available.

Installation services are available and may be quoted per customer request.

Contact Nick @ 920-361-5208 x 2 or for more info or questions