SRS-175 XP Solvent Recovery Unit

SRS-175 XP Solvent Recovery Unit

Manufacturer:                       SRS Eco Solutions

Model:                                    SRS-175 XP

Tank capacity 17.5 US gal. /66 liters
Approximate recovery rate 3 US gal. / 11-16 (liters) per hour)***May differ according to products and % of residue.
Teflon-coated tank
Electrically heated, may reach 450º F (232 ºC)
Air-cooled condenser
De-Sta-C0 lid clamping system
Explosion proof electrical Class 1, Division 1
Temperature controlled electronically
CSA approved certified to UL standard 2208
Liner bags available
Solvent-resistant external finish
Optional : Stainless steel tank & condenser
Optional : Vacuum system, auto-fill System, water separator, etc…


Explosion Proof Class 1, Division 1, Voltage 220, Cycle 50/60, Amperage 12.5, Power 3 Kw / h

Width in. (cm) 24 (61), Height in. (cm) 62 (157), Length in. (cm) 37 (94)
Weight lbs. (Kg) 254 (115

Condition:                  Used, will be drained, and cleaned prior to shipment. Unit was in operation through October 2020

Price:                          $12,500 OBO

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